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Author: Tianle Yuan

Agile introduction⚓︎

Nowadays, especially in project management, Agile has becomes a famous interactive processes for developing software.


What is Agile

A interactive processes for developing software.

Why not Waterfall?
What is Waterfall?
  • Definition: Every stage depends on the previous stage.

  • Diagram of phases:

    graph LR
    A[Requirement] --> B[System Design]; 
    B --> C[Implementation]; 
    C --> D[Testing];
    D --> E[Deployment];
    E --> F[Matainence];
  • Advantage: clear, productive, good time management, and available progress tracing.

  • Disadvantage: no variation, adaptability, or other error once a waterfall project is set in motion.
Why choose Agile?

Compared with the linear model Waterfall, Agile is more like Fibonacci, which has better flexibility, adaptivity, and error tolerance.


There are two ways to visualize Agile:

  • Kanban
  • Scrum

The famous software for Kanban board is Asana:

picture 1


The good software for Scrum board is Jira:

One scrum board is for one sprint, which typically set two weeks as period. There are typical three stages:

  1. Initialize: in Backlog, set points for each story/task. Try to assign the points to the story with the number in Fibonacci series such as: 1,2,3,5...: picture 3
  2. Start: in scrum board, there are three swim lanes: To do, In progress, Done: picture 4
  3. End: when you finish the scrum board in the corresponding sprint, you will get a "burn down" chat: picture 5


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