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Author: Tianle Yuan

** 🧑‍💼 Engineer Principles**⚓︎

SOLID princiles⚓︎

If we are doing OOD (Object-Oriented Design), we should follow the SOLID principles:

picture 25

More resources for learning!

Check SOLID principles for OOP design to learn more in real cases.

Abstract Interface⚓︎

For the last one, Dependency Inversion principle, we can use the concept of abstract interface as an implementation.

picture 26

Why do we care?
  1. Decouple components -- loosely coupled
  2. Mock
  3. Unit test
  4. Develop in parallel
  5. Do user-centered design and iterate cheaper. Yeah, BFFs!


Check REST APIs.


BFF: Backend for Frontend. Backend For Frontend is a design pattern created with not only the developer but, more importantly, the user and their experience in mind.


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Created: December 6, 2022 08:26:32