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Author: Tianle Yuan

Agile Scrum Concepts⚓︎

Let's see the concepts that belongs to Agile Scrum. Click tab for unfolding.



Product Owner
  • Definition: maxmize the return the business get on investments. Including: salary, company renting fee, facilities, software, and maintenance.

  • E.g.:

    • WAY 0: set priority in backlog.
    • WAY 1: make the team towards the most valuable work.
    • WAY 2: guarantee team fully understand requirement from user story.
Scrum Master
  • Definition: coach, who guide team to over-high level of cohesiveness, self-organization, and performance.

  • E.g.:

    • Help the team learn.
    • Apply scrum.
    • Agile practice.
    • Remove roadblocks.

Scrum Master is NOT a boss but just a peer.

Team Member
  • Definition: how work done. What tech and tool to use. Who does which task.

  • E.g.:

    • Doing the job of the team.
    • What is getting done.
    • Focus on result


Product Backlog

Definition: list of deliverables for a product:

  • features
  • bug fixes
  • changes
  • anything valuable for the product
Sprint Backlog

Definition: TODO list for a sprint:

  • stories: has been committed to deliverin this sprint and associating their tasks.



Definition: the sprint cicle. Table of meetings in a week.


Sprint Planning Meeting

Time Frequency: 1~2 hrs/week


  • What will we do?: Identify what must be complete to deliver.
  • How will we do it?: Commit a set of deliverables (stories) for the sprint in the backlog.
Daily Scrum (stand-up meeting)

Time Frequency: less 15 mins/workday


  • What has been completed
  • Expects to complete
  • Obstacles slowing me down
  • DON'T solve problem
Story Time Meeting

Time Frequency: 1 hr/week


  • Discuss and improve stories from the product backlog to the sprint backlog:

    • Story sizing (estimation): how much work will be required per story.
    • Story splitting (estimation): big → small
  • De/Refine acceptance criteria.

Sprint Review Meeting

Time Frequency: 1~1.5 hrs/week


  • End of sprint, show accomplishment (finished stories)
  • NOT decision making meeting
Retrospective Meeting

Time Frequency: 1~2 hrs/week


  • What learned (only 1 or 2 strategic changes make in the next sprint)
  • NOT decision making meeting

Abnormal Sprint Termination⚓︎

Abnormal Sprint Termination

Definition: Because of market, bussiness, competitor, team need to terminate the sprint. Go back to the early sprint to avoid troubles from halfway done work.

Inspect and Adapt⚓︎

Inspect and Adapt

Definition: Learn from customer, team, market. <==> another CI (continuous improvement).


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