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Author: Tianle Yuan

Docker Containers and ECS⚓︎

What is Docker Container and What is Kubernetes?
  • Docker Container is an alternative to traditional virtual machines. It can be understood as the Light-weight VM that we can run our applications with fewer underlying resources and dependencies. Docker Container is very quick to start up and very good for microservices-based applications.

  • Kubernetes is a platform for running and managing containers from many container runtimes.

The relationship between Virtual Machine, Container, and Kubernetes can be seen in the picture (which comes from "Docker or Kubernetes: Which one is right for you?" in Kubernetes vs. Docker), as shown below :

picture 6

Do you remember EC2? What are ECS and EKS?

EC2, the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud we discussed in the previous section, is actually a virtual machine.

ECS is Amazon Elastic Container Service for you to use container in the AWS cloud. It also provides a fully managed serverless platform or partially self-managed platform for users.

EKS, the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes, is also offered by AWS to use Kubernetes in the cloud.

Below is the structure of ECS service:

picture 7

Here is the definition of each concept shown in the picture above:

picture 10

ECS EC2 Cluster v.s. ECS Fargate Cluster:

picture 9

ECS with Load Balancer:

picture 11


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