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Author: Tianle Yuan

Basic guidance of docker container⚓︎

Docker is a useful tool with CI and backend work. Especially there are some cases that we need to test code in different system. Let's take swift as an example. We make it works on Windows 10.

Step 1. Install Docker Desktop⚓︎

We can download 🐳 Docker Desktop from the website and install it on your Windows 10.

Step 2. Run Docker Container⚓︎

To run Docker Container, firstly you need to have a Docker Image. There are two ways to have an Image:

After you have the Docker Image as the system mirror settings, you can create a Docker Container as an realization of the system. There are two ways to create the Docker Container:

Last update: November 18, 2022 01:40:41
Created: November 12, 2022 08:13:32