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Author: Tianle Yuan

Quick Sort⚓︎

Keywords: Sorting


Quick Sort?

Quick Sort is a sorting method that implements the divide and conquer idea.

The related Quickselect algorithm is known as Hoare's selection algorithm, developed by Tony Hoare.


Average time complexity: \(O(n\log n)\)

Worst time complexity: \(O(n^2)\)

Algorithm Details⚓︎


Step1. "Pivot": pick a pivot in the array. We normally pick the most left element.

Step2. "Partition": scan the whole array. Compare the scanned element with the pivot:

  • element > pivot -> move the right part, get the right part.
  • element < pivot -> move the left part, get the left part.

Step3. "Recursive": redo left and right parts separately with Step1 and Step2.


Example of "Partition"

Let's part the array below when setting the left element as the pivot:

picture 1


#include <iostream>
#include <cassert>
#include <vector>

using namespace std;

int partitionArray(vector<int> &nums, int low, int high){
        if(low >= high) return -1;
        int pivot = low, l = pivot + 1, r = high;
        while(l <= r){
            if(nums[l] < nums[pivot]) l++;
            else if(nums[r] >= nums[pivot]) r--; // larger and  equal are all located at the right side
            else swap(nums[l], nums[r]);
        swap(nums[pivot], nums[r]);
        return r;

//recursive body
void quickSort(vector<int> &nums, int low, int high){  
    if(low >= high) return;
    swap(nums[low + rand() % (high - low + 1)], nums[low]);
    int pivot = partitionArray(nums, low, high);
    quickSort(nums,low, pivot);
    quickSort(nums,pivot+1, high);

int main()
    vector<int> input = {4,1,5,3,6};
    //for(auto i: input)
    //    if(i==input.back()){
    //        cout<<i<<endl;
    //    }
    //    else cout<<i<<",";
    vector<int> test = {1,3,4,5,6};
    assert(output == test);
    //for(auto i: input)
    //    if(i==input.back()){
    //        cout<<i<<endl;
    //    }
    //    else cout<<i<<",";


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