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Author: Tianle Yuan


Keywords: 2D Matrix



Backtracking, which is a methodology where we mark the current path of exploration, if the path does not lead to a solution, we then revert the change (i.e. backtracking) and try another path.

Question Example⚓︎

79. Word Search

Given an m x n grid of characters board and a string word, return true if word exists in the grid.

The word can be constructed from letters of sequentially adjacent cells, where adjacent cells are horizontally or vertically neighboring. The same letter cell may not be used more than once.



picture 1

  • Input: board = [["A","B","C","E"],["S","F","C","S"],["A","D","E","E"]], word = "ABCCED"
  • Output: true

picture 2

  • Input: board = [["A","B","C","E"],["S","F","C","S"],["A","D","E","E"]], word = "SEE"
  • Output: true


Code frame
bool Find_Solution(matrix, path) {
    for candidate in matrix:
        if backtrace(candidate, path[0]) return true;
    return false;

bool backtrace(candidate, path[index]){
    //Step1. Check the bottom case
    if(index == path.end) -> return true

    //Step2. Check if candidates locates at the outside the boundaries
    if(candidate at out || candidate != path[index]) -> return false

    //Step3. If match explore the neighbors in DFS
    candidate = '#'; // mark as used

    for neighbor of candidate:
        if (backtrace(neighbor, path[index+1])) -> return true

    //Step4. Clean up and return the false as the wrong path
    candidate = path[index]; // mark back when fail
    return false;


Simplified Solution
class Solution {
    int rows, cols;
    bool exist(vector<vector<char>>& board, string word) {
        rows = board.size();
        cols = board[0].size();
        for(int row = 0; row < rows; row++){
            for(int col = 0; col < cols; col++){
                if(backtrace(row, col, board, word, 0)) return true;
        return false;

    bool backtrace(int row, int col, vector<vector<char>>& board, string word, int index){
        //Step1. Check the bottom case
            return true;

        //Step2. Check the boundaries
        if(row < 0|| row == rows||col < 0|| col == cols|| board[row][col] != word[index]){
            return false;

        //Step3. If match explore the neighbors in DFS
        board[row][col] = '#'; // mark as used

        int row_offset[4] = {0, 1, 0, -1}, col_offset[4] = {1, 0, -1, 0};
        for(int i = 0; i < 4; i++){
            if (backtrace(row+row_offset[i], col+col_offset[i], board, word, index+1))
                return true;

        //Step4. Clean up and return the false as the wrong path
        board[row][col] = word[index];
        return false;


Solution of 79. Word Search

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