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Author: Tianle Yuan

GitHub Semantics Versioning⚓︎

Demand analysis⚓︎

When we work as a team, we need to coordinate projects, or we also need to lower coordinate costs. Thus, we need to set some rules for it. SemanticsVersioning` is widely used in GitHub version control.

Semantics Versioning 2.0⚓︎



\(1.0.0 \rightarrow 2.0.0\)

For: API changes or when code contains breaking changes of API.


  • Amy changed the function of the API.
Breaking Changes
  • False: add some features.
  • True: remove, rename sth.

\(1.0.0 \rightarrow 1.1.0\)

For: Change function signature, add new features, or add some functionallity. (no breaking change, no bug fix.)


  • Amy added new features to her function.
  • Amy organized the signature of her function.
  • Amy added some extra individual code to her function body.

\(1.0.0 \rightarrow 1.0.1\)

For: Bug fix. (Should be cleared when the first two increase.)


  • Amy fixed a bug in her API function.

Last update: December 5, 2022 19:54:10
Created: December 5, 2022 19:54:10